Sunday, 29 August 2010

Kew here

Kew Gardens
5th August 2010

Kew Gardens were something of a consolation prize, having been denied a look at Hampton Court on account of the tide times.

Brentford Basin
We moored up at Brentford leaving Jeff to read, watch DVD's and whatever teenage boys do with their time. I had promised a short walk which stretched to over 2 miles, and that was before we started round Kew. For once the sun shone from a blue sky and summer had returned.

Chimney at Kew Steam Museum
This was out first return to Kew since 1987, when the entrance price was a miserly 1p each. Entry cost us £25 (ish) for the pair of us - that's inflation big time. An August visit at the end of a long drought probably isn't the best time to visit with little colour to be found outside. The greenhouses by contrast were full of interest and we were particularly keen to try the gardens latest 'big attraction' - the treetop walk. This was a bit of a strange experience accesses via 109 steps but denies to the disabled because the lift has been broken for yonks. The walkway sits atop a series of 90ft posts which sway with the rhythm of foot traffic - sometimes to an alarming degree.

Treetop walkway at Kew Gardens
In Kew the flowers are the stars, plus some interesting structures and sculptures so I will let the photos do the talking.


Belle and The Captain

Ferns and lillies


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