Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Christmas gift with a boaty twist

Boating Presents - Christmas 2013
January 2014

And so we enter 2014 but before we consign 2013 to the history books I thought I would give you a quick look at my boating orientated Christmas presents.

All my family know and tolerate my boating obsession and to reflect this my bother and sister in law found a very suitable tee shirt:

Not content with this my sister in law and her husband figured that my strong home brews may render me incapable of remembering who I am so had my name etched onto a beer tankard:

Finally, not to be outdone, Helen found a 1961 copy of The Canal Duke. This is the story about the life and times of the Duke of Bridgewater, but you will have to wait for the book review before you find out more!

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