Saturday, 15 February 2020

Exploring the Cannock Extension Canal

Cannock Extension Canal rediscovered
Feb 2020

I published three YouTube videos on the long lost Cannock Extension Canal last month, collating loads of old photos I have found into the sequence in which they would have been encountered had you traveled the canal 60 years ago.

This is an obscure lost canal sitting out on the extreme northern edge of the BCN, and ne which was totally lost to opencast coal mining in the 1960's.


Carol said...

Sorry Andy, but your videos don't appear to be working.

Paul l. said...

Hi Andy,

I've finally got internet connection!!
Keep the video's coming, especially the BCNS ones.
It's always good to see you and Helen at the various festivals. Last time we chatted you were busy planking apples at Windmill End last September and I must compliment you both on your excellent Medlar jelly. I was looking a tad unkempt having spent four nights aboard nb Malus with its hi tech bathroom facilities (sic)!

Look forward to meeting again this year,
All the best to you both,

Si Kling said...

Thank you. I have enjoyed the videos very much.

May I suggest a couple of changes to your 'Connected sites' list displayed on your blog?

Firstly, unfortunately the Jam Butty link just leads to a blog-deleted message, so might be removed.

Secondly, you should add a link to your YouTube output. I suggest linking to this specific page:

That page shows all your videos, and it was only when I found that page that I discovered the Stourport video, that was of great interest to me.

Andy Tidy said...

Thanks for the suggestions - both actioned.

Andy Tidy said...

They do if you click the highlighted lines of text rather than the image.