Saturday, 12 February 2011

Mapledurham Sunset

Mapledurham Sunset
River Thames

February 2011

What with all the cold weather and issues at home there has been little time for boating this winter, not even a day trip since we tied up in mid November.

Sure I have been down to Wand'ring Bark every few weeks to progress the new cooker project but my time afloat has been nil, zilch, nada. And this makes me sad.

So as a substitute I have been looking back over some of last years photo's, picking up on some of those I skipped as a wrote up my trip reports.

One particular moment sprung out at me - the evening spent at Mapledurham. Mooring are few and far between hereabouts and in the end we cobbled together a mooring above the hall at Mapledurham, with the stern tied to a tree  and the bows attached to the shore by a long line with the boat pole driven onto the river bed to keep us off the shallows and afloat. 

The sunset was as magnificent as it was brief, just 10 mins of glorious orange and red before darkness stole over us. A magic location and worth every penny of the £5 mooring fee.

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