Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Belle's Foraging Frenzy

Belle is back on the blogging trail
May 2011

I have to admit to a slight fetish about the domestic goddess genre. Nigella Lawson holds a distinct allure, as does Delia Smith (but that may have as much to do with her links to Norwich City Football Club as her much acclaimed culinary expertise). Either way - there is something very appealing about a woman who knows her way around the kitchen.

Belle has clearly taken note of my predilection and thrown herself headlong into the foraging malarkey. Luckily, this new found interest has been combined with boating as it appears that the canal towpaths represent a less contaminated food source than the verges of the nearby M6! The canal margins are also a good deal safer from an access point of view.

So, armed with various River Cottage Handbooks Belle is a gal with a mission, a mission to root out all those edible delicacies which surround us on our watery travels. No sooner had this passion been ignited than we set sail for Leicester with strict instructions to keep a sharp eye out for Beech leaves. Beech leaves? Why Beech leaves I hear you cry.

Well, not only has Belle immersed herself in foraging she has also started a brand new blog which chronicles her successes (and hopefully not too many disasters) along the towpaths.
The official title is "I know a bank where the wild thyme grows" but lets just call it "Belle's Blog", short,  simple and to the point - three attributes which are not shared by its author! If you want to know why I was so distressed by her wish to collect Beech leaves you had better visit her blog over the coming days, where all will be revealed...

Oh dear, one blogger in the house was enough. If she eclipses me in the rankings I can see trouble ahead, and tears before bed time. Mind you, given my peculiar interest in foraging fatale's, bed time could get interesting.


Starcross said...

Actually "the ratings" seem to have disappeared from the blogs I follow, including my own. Does anyone know what's going on (or is it just me that can't see them)

Captain Ahab said...

Tony tells me that his provider has lost his database and the whole site is out of commission for the time being. Its odd but I really miss seeing that little counter creeping up and down on my page... If I hear anything I will let you know.
Good news about your house.