Thursday, 5 May 2011

Leicester Ring - Leicester

Leicester Ring 2011
19th April 2011

During my last post I realised that there was no way I could do Leicester justice. I picked up a great set of images and rather that shoe horn then into the trip report I decided to indulge my enthusiasm for the place with a post all of its own.

Leicester's waterway is a cut above those which pass through many urban areas. There was little debris, the level of graffiti and vandalism was low and even the young locals seemed friendly and non threatening.

Its a route I would thoroughly recommend to any boater. The waterborne traffic is low, perhaps due to the number of wide locks on the route, but it really is well worth the effort.

Leicester's Space Centre

Leicester's surviving mills

Bridge at the northern end of Leicester's Straight Mile

Even the gasworks are attractive from the right perspective!

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Adam said...

Nice to read something positive about Leicester. It normally gets a really bad press from boaters. Having heard the horror stories, I was pleasantly surprised when we went through a few years ago.