Saturday, 13 August 2011

The Captain's back

Hi one and all.

You may have wondered what has happened to Captain Ahab with no posts for nearly two weeks - unheard of!

As one or two you noticed, the Captian has been doing what he enjoys most - boating. But now he is back with lots of blogging material gathered as we completed what could be described as the Truddersfield Ring. By the I mean down the Trent and Mersey through the IWA festival on the Sunday afternoon (no time to stop), down the Trent to Keadby, around the Sheffield Navigations and then back over the Pennines via the Huddersfield Narrow Canal / Peak Forest Canals.

Its a mouth watering journey covering lots of new water an several old favourites like the HNC. It will be a pleasure to review our travels and publish some of the photo's I took along the way.

The holiday also offered an opportunity to do lots of waterway related reading so plenty of book review material too.

And Adrian (oops - meant Adam - sorry!), if you read this you owe me a pint - the term J-Lo stern has my copyright on it!


Adam said...

I was told that it would cost me a pint -- but you'll need to use the right name in your accusations first!!

Anonymous said...

So looking forward to your northern posts - we will get there one year!

Also sorry to have missed you - probably by a whisker - I hope we get an opportunity to share a coffee sometime again on our travels.

Sue, nb Indigo Dream