Saturday, 9 February 2013

Lichfield Cathedral

Lichfield Cathedral
February 2013

I have found myself at Lichfield Cathedral twice in 48 hours.

On Thursday evening we celebrated a friends birthday at Ego, an Italian restaurant overlooking Minster Pool with the impressive bulk of Lichfield Cathedal as a backdrop. Usually the cathedral is in darkness but on this occasion birthday boy's wife had shelled out £50 to have it floodlit for the evening adding a magical touch to the proceedings. Of course, I didn't take my camera so that goes down as an opportunity missed.

Lichfield Cathedral viewed from Ego's

Saturday comes around and after spending a day out and about with my mother we found ourselves in Lichfield Cathedral having a good look round. Lichfield is very familiar to me but none the less the cathedral remains impressive inside and out. Perhaps the loveliest thing about this cathedral is is homeliness. Some Cathedrals are cold and impersonal but Lichfield really does feel like a place of worship, with a personal welcome at the door and clear explanations about that Christianity is all about and where the cathedral fits onto the scheme of things.

Of course, the ancient structure is an object of great beauty in itself, with its three spites soaring up towards heaven - a historic expression of mans worship of God. Its hard to resist getting a  few shots on such a glorious clear winters day.

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Dave Howse said...

Glad you enjoyed Lichfield Cathedral, on 28th April they're having a Staffordshire Hoard Exhibition. I know it's nothing to do with canals but you might enjoy the experience, also look out for guided trips up the spire and don't forget your camera!
Lichfield's a great place to wander around with a camera there's lots of hidden interest to explore and find.