Saturday, 22 February 2014

Bedsit Disco Queen - book review

Bedsit Disco Queen
by Tracey Thorn
February 2014

This is a real left field book for me - one of Helens which I picked up in the absence of anything else to read but found myself strangely engaged by Tracey's life with Everything But The Girl (EBTG). Tracey could well be described as an atypical pop star, one who found fame gradually and by the time it came she was mature enough to see it for the fickle and shallow thing it really is. 

Whilst EBTG has never really been my cup of tea, reading the story of her emergence from the indie music scene on the early 1980's really engaged with my early adulthood, her contemporaries providing the soundtrack to the start of my independent life. What was more, I have a early few EBTG albums on my i-pod so I listened to the evolution of their music as I read along tracking the changes from their bedsit start in Hull through to the international acclaim for their surprise hit "Missing" in 1994.

Its also great to see someone so level headed that they can appreciate the musical phase of life and then to settle in domesticity of home family and a whole new era with equal enthusiasm.

If you cant remember Missing search on You Tube and it will all come flooding back to you!

End result - I have belatedly gained an appreciation for the EBTG body of work and their albums are now regularly played as I drive to and from work.

A change is as good as  a rest!

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