Saturday, 26 April 2014

A Scottish Wedding

A Scottish wedding in Ayr
April 2014

I have to admit that there is something rather romantic about a Scottish wedding.

The happy couple

Maybe its the skirl of the bagpipes, the twirl of the tartan or the heady aroma of Scotch Whisky - of maybe a bit of all of them seasoned with the marriage of family. One way or another the Scottish do a good wedding, and nowhere better than Brigadoon.

Nice day for a white wedding!

This week saw Helen's side of the family make their way north in an assortment of planes train and automobiles and congregate in Ayr to celebrate the long awaited wedding of Heather (Hedge) and Del who somewhat perversely now live in Brighton (long story).

A selfie for the record
Brigadoon offers a setting one could only dream of and as luck would have it the event was staged under wall to wall spring sunshine, a day so unseasonably warm that I was too hot outside even wearing a lightweight summer suit.  Anyway, I took my trusty Canon SLR along with me and this is all just a preamble for a few photographic memories of the day. 

Ayr Harbour

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