Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Jam Butty update Late April

Jam Butty progress report
April 2014

Before I start this post a non boating reader recently asked me what the Jam Butty thing is all about. So, for the non boaters among you a short explanation. 

 Montgomery stern

A non powered canal boat which is towed is generally referred to as a butty. By contrast the craft which tows it is known simply as the motor. The plan is to use the butty Montgomery as a base to sell preserves and so whilst the craft will be registered as Montgomery, it will be sign written and referred to as The Jam Butty. Simple, memorable and with a twist of humour.

Over-plating on the bows

Its a month or so since my last update when some over-plating work was dictated by a hull survey. The hull was marked up by the surveyor and the sheet steel was ordered in - but inevitably this means that the delivery date has been pushed back a bit. This delay is no real hassle as we are not planning to move the boat till the summer and its far better to take delivery with the hull in tip top condition and good for decades more in the water than have expensive trouble a few years down the line.

Over-plating on the stern

A visit to a seemingly deserted Stretton yard revealed all the over-plating in place, some tacked into place and some fully welded into position. The steel for the knees is to hand so it wont be long before the whole thing is shot basted and painted.

 Doors onto the bows and cabin

With delivery getting closer my thoughts turned to stuff needed to connect the two craft. Of course some rope is needed for the cross straps which is easily sourced from Midland Chandlers - 16mm nylon rope at £2 per metre. But then we need fenders, a big one for the stern of Wand'ring Bark and a rounded one for the bows of Montgomery. Expensive items but necessary.

 The elum awaiting repair and the tiller handle in the workshop

My best guess it that we will take delivery in about a months time. There are a lot of people looking forward to seeing this curious craft afloat.


Nb Yarwood said...

Include me in the queue to see Montgomery in the water with her new livery and in her new role!

Amy Willow said...

What a brilliant little boat! Looking forwards to seeing it (and meeting you both!) on the cut


Ian and Karen said...

Really pleased to see your dream becoming a reality.