Wednesday, 16 July 2014

All fired up for Braunston

Warwick to Braunston
July 2014

No, we didnt do Warwick to Braunston in one day! I am running a day behind so time for a two day catch up post.


Tuesday was a bit of a lazy day with a very stuttering start as we visited Tesco's followed by Lidl, flagged down Callisto for some diesel and finally made stop go progress through Leamington and we picked plums. In the end it was lunchtime before we got going in earnest and boy was it hot. We ground out way up to the foot of the Stockton Locks and then took shelter under a tree where the plums were stoned and transformed into Meadowsween and Mirabelle Plum Jam - all 35 pots golden and yellow with a hint of Almond in the taste.

Foraged plums

A new innovation this trip has been to bring the laser printer along with us which was a great asset as it let us print off the labels and so get the jars ready for sale within 24 hours of being picked.

The Stockwith flight was long in the heat and I think I was losing my grip as twice I left a bottom paddle open. 

I cant say I found the section between Wigrams Turn and Braunston a joy. It was something of a race track with hoards of boats batting along. I am not sure what was worse: having to pull in to let a convoy past or the speed of boats coming the other way through blind corners. Its all a bit scary when you have no real brakes! That said we made it with no bumps or spills.

 Joe and Andy move the stove

We met Leslie and Joe in Braunston where Yarwood is having a front hatch created. They have removed their old solid fuel stove which I have bought for Wand'ring Bark. Another project for the winter! Its a brute of a stove and it took our combined muscle to heave it over the gunwale of Montgomery and into its hold for transportation back to Birmingham.

And into the hold (nice bum Leslie!)

Now for a rest day as we stop over in Braunston, recharging our batteries, refreshing our aching limbs and preparing some more Marmalade as we are completely out of stock. If you are in the area seek us out.

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