Monday, 25 May 2015

Hazel O'Connor blasts Crick away

Hazel O'Connor
Crick 2015

I wasn't planning to stay for the Hazel O'Connor gig on Sunday evening at Crick boating festival but then fate intervened.

There I was in the food court with Barry Teutenberg picking up some chips to accompany our evening meal when blasts of Hazel O'Connor erupted from the entertainment tent.

We strolled over and there she was in kicking off a warm up sound check. We therefore had an unexpected preview of what was to come and were able to get a close up look at the lady in action. What is more it was all under pretty natural light so I was able to pick up some cracking shots of her. There was even a moment when she shot me a direct little smile, but Barry insists is was aimed a few degrees lower at him. I know the truth  ;-)

I really liked Hazel O'Connor back in the 80's when we was at the height of her fame with Breaking Glass, but never got to hear her live. 

Our departure was delayed so we could watch her set in the evening and wow has she still got it. Same soaring voice, same jerky movements which somehow put me in mind of Suggs.  There were plenty of old classics in the bes the one which won my vote for  "best in show" was "If Only" which she sang as a duet with Andrew Poppy of the Subterranians - absolutely sublime.

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