Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Wet work at tardebigge

Droitwich to Tardebigge
May 2015

After several days of glorious weather we awoke on Thursday to forecasts of high winds and driving rain - perfect conditions for an ascent of the Tardebigge flight of locks,  the longest flight on the system.

On any other day I would have moved up to the Queens Head at the foot of the flight and waited for better conditions but be were on a timetable.  We are trading at the Alvechurch Beer and Boat Festival Saturday to Sunday and with Bally and Sandra waiting for us at the top lock we really wanted to make the climb on Thursday.

As it turned out Barry was at a loose end and very generously offered to cycle down and help us up, rain not withstanding.

His offer was a Godsend particularly when Helen started to flag after 15 locks so Barry and I pressed on. Whilst the weather was not at its best we were blessed by a complete flight of empty locks which helped us on our way and in the end we emerged from the top lock exactly 3.5 hours after the entered the bottom one.

No photos I am afraid - far too wet!

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