Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Seeking out the Floating voter

Canal and River Trust Council Elections 2015
June 2015

The C&RT Council is holding a fresh round of elections this winter and are looking for 9 seats to be filled.

You may remember that I stood as an independent boating candidate last time round, but lost out when the IWA waded in with their candidates and mopped up all the available boater seats.

I am not proposing to repeat that experience, but I have noticed that there are two boating business seats coming available and I am planning to stand for one of these.

Last time the  Boating Business seats were filled by representatives of the boating industry but since the last elections the Roving Trader class of business license has been created. There are now several hundred boat based small business out there, plying their trade wherever they can. 

This peripatetic group of boaters have particular needs and it seems right and proper that they have  voice at the Council, if at all possible.

One snag is that the campaigning season does not start properly till October, by which time most of the traders will have moored up for the winter. Its therefore important that the word is spread during the busy trading season.

I will be issuing a flyer and manifesto in due course, but if you hold a business license please consider giving me your vote in November and if you know / meet any Roving Traders please spread the word and where possible endorse me as a credible and reliable candidate.

Many thanks

Andy Tidy

1 comment:

KevinTOO said...

So just how many jars of jam is a promised vote worth to you Andy?
The bar has been set VERY high by one Joseph S "Sepp" Blatter ;)

I am of course joking, you're an honest guy Andy :)

All the best for the election, better luck this time!
Sorry but I won't be voting, I don't own a boat!! LOL