Tuesday 30 June 2015

Daily Mail hoodwinked by Captain Ahab

The danger of not doing your research properly
June 2015

Some of you may recall an infamous blog post about a hitherto forgotten canal tunnel under Dudley Tunnel posted in early April 2013.

The item caused some amusement in the Birmingham Boating circles and there it has rested ever since - till yesterday.

Reports trickled in that accounts of wartime oil extraction under Dudley Tunnel had been unearthed and published in the Daily Mail, and the Chair of the BCNS was asked to comment. Fortunately Charley was familiar with my slightly strange sense of humour and was able to point the Daily Mail in the direction of the clues embedded in my blog post - see link.

Have look at the article and my original post! If its in the papers it must be true.....


KevinTOO said...

Oh how funny and also so sad too :)

I guess it just shows how lazy some journalists have become...
Cut and Paste is NOT journalism in any sense of the word!!

Shame you didn't get a credit though, or a link to your blog :(

Martin said...

Just read the original post – brilliant! I think it would have been far more amusing to have strung the Mail along and let them get their feet really sticky in the bitumen!