Wednesday 1 July 2015

A shed for all seasons

A shed for all season
July 2015

When we were looking for a new house we did see a lovely mews property, but in spite of all its rustic charm it didn't have space for a shed. I pondered over this for a minute or two and advised Mrs Ahab "I cant live without a shed".

Now technically speaking it would be quite possible to exist without a man cave, but my question has to be "why would I want to?". I have always had a workshop of some sort but I always promised myself that, one day, I would buy a really nice one - and a big one too.

Our move to our new home in Aldridge came with a good sized garden and ours was the only property in the terrace without a shed / garage, but plenty of space to rectify the deficiency. During our watery travels we had passed Warwick Buildings in Leamington Spa on several occasions and I always admired the quality of their sheds, and decided that when the time came my shed would come from there.

We visited them a couple of months ago and selected the type we (I) wanted and then agreed the dimensions and layout and they made it up for us. Bespoke does not come cheap but the end result is truly a shed among sheds. It has an insulated 22mm T&G floor, tannalised ship lap sides backed by waterproof membrane and ply wood - all laid on a slab base. Very sturdy.

Now dont get me wrong, this shed is not all for me. In the absence of a garage Helen needs somewhere to store all her unused glassware and packaging which consumes 6ft of the overall 20ft length, but that still leaves me with a 14ft x 8 ft workshop complete with two windows, an office style door and a pair of double doors to access big projects. There is even room to initiate the Walsall Wood Road micro brewery and within 24 hours I had three vats on the go.

Warwick Buildings arrived at 10.00 last Friday and by 3.00pm they had it finished - and what a superb job they made of it. In one fell swoop I became the envy of the street!

Here is how it went:


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I had a garage/workshop designed and constructed by Warwick Buildings too, about 12 years ago. 25x12 and it was all up in 4 hours. Can't fault them.