Tuesday 8 September 2015

The Lower Avon

The Lower Avon
September 2015

After the white knuckle ride down the upper Avon the Lower Avon was a bit tame, with the river broadening out and slowing to a sluggish meander over open meadows and periodically descending the odd lock or two such as Chadbury and Fladbury before its serpentine course brought us to the charmingly names Wyre Piddle, our home for the night.

Fladbury Mill

Wyre Piddle stands out in my memory as a night stop when exploring the lover Avon long before the Upper Avon was reinstated. I remember watching Around the World in 80 Days in a local school as part of a community cinema programme. This time round the entertainment came in the shape of Alice, our granddaughter who brought her mum and dad for a visit at the moorings of The Anchor Inn.

Moorings at Strensham

The next day it was off down the river, pausing at Pershore to re-supply in the local Morrisons before pressing on round the huge loops which take the river round Birlingham and Eckington, all the time overlooked by Bredon Hill.

Eckingham Bridge

We spent the night on a makeshift mooring just above Strensham lock which offered more sloes to add to our collection started at Nafford lock.


The following morning saw us back out on the wide expanse of river, dodging sailing boats and sharing in a Reggae festival just outside Tewkesbury.

Tewkesbury marked the end of the Avon section after which we breasted up and ploughed in the relentless current of the River Severn.

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