Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Up the Cut to Windmill End

Up the cut to Windmill End
September 2015

On our return to the canals we were immediately greeted by Smiffy who helped us up the locks into Stourport Basin and the much needed facilities.

From there it was a steady plod up the Staffs and Worcester, pausing at Kinver to have our new cratch cover repaired after an unfortunate altercation with Evesham Lock.

 Passing Morgana at Primrose hill

Scenes from Stourbridge Locks

Along the way the Centaflex coupling, which had been running on 3 bolts, started to show signs of terminal decline so we took it very easy as we entered the Stourbridge Canal, playing leapfrog with a couple of Roving Trader boats which were returning from Stourport Floating Market. 

The Stourbridge locks were very attractive and surprisingly productive from a foraging perspective and there is an interesting twist at the top lock where evidence of mining settlement become apparent in the lock walls.

Settlement repairs - mining subsidence!

An inspection at Merry Hill revealed we were down to just two studs and they were on borrowed time! We therefore made a very slow approach to the Windmill End site of the BCBF on Thursday evening followed by a "help" call to RCR!

 Delph Locks

Lodge Farm Reservoir

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