Sunday 6 March 2016

Grand Designs

Building work nears completion
March 2016

The building project at home has been progressing and last week saw the plaster being applied which is the major milestone when the extension ceases to be part of "outside" and become part of indoors.

Inside the new kitchen

Mike and his building team have maintained a really good pace and another 10 days will see an end of the building phase (save the rendering which will have to wait for warmer weather) and the project will then be turned over to Robert, the kitchen fitter. This stage will probably take four weeks or so so we are hoping to have a functioning kitchen by mid April. In the meantime the washing up is in a bowl in the bath and there is no possibility of any preserve making.

The extension from the back

Currently we are at that filthy stage where dust and grit are finding a way into the whole house but we know it will pass and as soon as the paint is applied the cleaning can start in earnest.

The awesome lantern window from the new back door

With a bit of luck it will have dried out sufficiently by next weekend to let me get it painted.

Just to complicate life a bit more, many of you will now that Helen is not too well and will be spending quite a bit on time in hospital which has had an impact on our cruising plans for the spring and early summer. Several events have been cancelled but we hope to get out and about in time for Middlewich. That said, little is certain and we are holding our plans very lightly.


Unknown said...

Hope Helen gets well soon.

seadog said...

Very sorry to hear Helen is unwell. Get well soon,so you can enjoy the boat. Chris & Marilyn

Barry and Sandra said...

It's looking fabulous Andy, it'll all be worth it when you have the swanky new and bright kitchen.
Sending love and hugs to you both as you navigate the worry-ridden waters ahead.

Andy Tidy said...

Leo and Sandra - thanks - Monday is the big day!