Monday, 28 March 2016

Two steps forward and one step back

Two steps forward and one step back
March 2016

Our kitchen extension was nearing completion this weekend and then, just as the end appeared to be in sight we hit a snag!

To bring you up to speed, the actual building work is materially finished with the plastering completed and painted and just the rendering and some odds and ends like skirting boards and architrave to finish off.

From the kitchen fitters perspective, the units are all in (60mm taller than normal to allow for out height) and Friday nearly saw the granite worktops fitted. A small misunderstanding saw the main sink section go back to the workshop for re milling and then it was back and fitted on Saturday. At the same time the flooring was laid and that just left the plumbing and some final electrics. All that would be outstanding would be the cooker, which is due to be shipped from France next week.

But then today our great game of snakes and ladders hit a snake. As soon as the plumber arrived he set to fitting the toilet in and securing it to the floor - only to discover the route of the water pipe BEFORE it reaches the stop cock! This isn't as bizzare as it sounds because its a very old house which had its mains water retro fitted and then adapted for a very dodgy kitchen extension in the 1980's. As a result no one knew the line of the pipes and we found out the hard way.

I had a panic stricken call whilst I was in Asda some miles away and my Mother in law supplied all the towels in the house to mop up the growing flood. All this time the plumber was running up and down the row of cottages trying to find the relevant external stop cock. Eventually it was found but as a result all four cottages were left high and dry without water for a couple of hours whilst a hole was hacked out of the concrete and a repair effected.

The end result was half the flooring pulled up to dry it out and the kitchen project considerably further back than when we started the day.... Grr.

However, its only stuff and it will get fixed so there is no point stressing. The kitchen fitter was amazed that I seemed to take it all so well but as I pointed out, its hard to get worked up about it when your wife has just negotiated a huge cancer operation and appears to be making an excellent recovery. Against that backdrop whats a few gallons of water.

My poor long suffering neighbours all rallied round an far from driving them to distraction they all appeared this afternoon with flowers for Helen.

We are getting there and we even have one working sink which was enough to inspire me to pick five Kg of Wild Garlic, which was washed and mixed with Cider Vinegar ready for a six week infusing period after which it will be 20 litres of our highly popular Wild Garlic Vinegar.


Neil Corbett said...

Do give Helen our best wishes for a speedy recovery - the world need more jam!
Hope the kitchen recovers soon too.
Kath & Neil (nb Herbie)

Kemps Kronicles said...

It's looking great despite the setbacks. And the garlic vinegar sounds divine. Love to you both xxx

seadog said...

Best wishes to you both. Hope Helen is on the mend and up for some boating soon. Chris and Marilyn, Nebulae.

KevinTOO said...

Huge hugs and best wishes for Helen :)

So glad to learn that your new indoor 'water feature' was soon sorted too!

no said...

Glad to hear things are getting sorted, love to you both and best wishes for Helen and a good recovery. Ian and Karen

no said...

Glad to hear things are getting sorted, love to you both and best wishes for Helen and a good recovery. Ian and Karen

Sandra Walsh said...

Loving your reframing Andy - well done! The kitchen will be amazing, looks incredible. Jam making will resume soon, and your dream will come to fruition. Very proud of you both for your fortitude, and looking forward to trading alongside you in the very near future.
Love and hugs