Saturday, 15 August 2009

Exercise and Solitude

Exercise and Solitude
15th August 2009

I find myself on the receiving end of my own advice for once.

My time as a Personnel Manager brought me into contact with all sorts of people with all sorts of problems, many of them stress related. One of the key bits of advice I used to dish out was to take regular exercise to alleviate all the adrenalin caused by our fight or flight reaction, which would otherwise have nowhere to go.

I now find myself in a highly stressed situation, not of my own making but brought on by external and unavoidable factors. And so I find myself in need of extra exercise.

I can't sleep properly when stressed, waking at 5.00am so I suppose an early morning run makes sense. Today it was four or five miles through Sutton Park, pausing at one of its seven pools and letting it's first light stillness flow into my being. Apologies for the quality of the photo - taken on my Blackberry in very poor light.

I can't claim to be an oasis of calm just now, but being near water helps when boating isn't possible.

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