Friday, 4 March 2011

Boyo goes to Bournemouth

One big step for Jeff.....

Its all change at Ahab mansions.

After 18 months of struggle we have finally secured a place for Jeff at 6th form college in Bournemouth, and the 1st March was his very first day.

Boscombe Pier

I took a day off work and the three of us (Belle, Jeff and myself) set off for the south coast armed with bags of kit and all the paraphernalia needed to sustain him till he returns at Easter. 

Boscombe seafront

There is a lot of waterway interest in the journey as we cross the Oxford Canal, then the Thames and onto the Kennet and Avon. All duly pointed out to Belle as we sped along.

We arrived at Bournemouth (Boscombe to be exact) in time for a picnic lunch down by the sea, a spot which offered some good photo opportunities with the spring sunshine showing through. Jeff tells me that Cheryl Cole has a house nearby, but there was no sight of her on the promenade today.

Then it was back to the college to settle him in. When all is said and done I think we were more nervous than Jeff - he wanted us to be gone as soon as possible.

Bye bye Jeff

A lovely bonus on the way home, we stopped off to see Bones for tea and cakes, with Boots giving us the big baleful eyes treatment to try and wangle some cake.


Northern Pride said...

We're soooooo happy that you finally got Jeff a place - well done for your hard work and perserverance, what amazing parents you are :-)
Go Jeff!

Captain Ahab said...

Sandra - One week in and he seems to be doing fine.