Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Friends at Thrupp

Friends at Thrupp
March 2011

There is a strange law at work in the world, the law of unintended consequence. You plan one thing and an unexpected consequence pops out of the ether.

Bones and Boots

An unexpected consequence of Jeff's move to Bournemouth is that the mid point of the trip is Oxford, and that provides a perfect oppopportunity to stop off to see our friends at Thrupp.

Spring sunset at Thrupp

Following a sun kissed weekend on the south coast (unusual for March) we decided to stop off at Annies Tea Room, and along the way we met up with Bones. We wandered along the towpath under a warm spring sun, bumping into Maffi who was refilling his boat with water.

Maffi playing gondolier

We all trouped into Annies Tea Room and ordered the most enormous cream teas, which we tucked away under the watchful eyes of Boots and Molly. Every crumb was scrutinised and in the end even the hardest heart couldn't hold out and both dogs wolfed down the final chunks.

Thrupp Cottages

Thrupp is rapidly becoming one of my favourite places on the canals, good pubs, good food, good scenery and most of all - good friends. Then it comes right down to it, it doesn't get much better than that.


MortimerBones said...

Gorgeous pictures again! Delighted you enjoyed and like Thrupp! It was truly wonderful to see you both!!

Maffi said...

Well I say what a champion picture of Moi. Nice to see you both again.