Sunday, 27 March 2011

Grants of Sheep Street - Stratford on Avon - restaurant review

Grants of Sheep Street
Stratford on Avon
Restaurant Review
April 2011

Pub and Restaurant reviews - a whole new genre of post for the Blog - how very exciting. 

The first review is Grants of Sheep St, a mouthwatering eatery in the heart of Stratford, about 100 metres from the Bancroft Basin moorings, which we sampled last night.

Grants of Sheep Street - Stratford on Avon

This is quite a new eatery for Stratford, but one which is quickly establishing an enviable reputation as "the" place to dine. It can best be described as urban chic, clean and minimalist but serving food which excellent to the point of sublime, but thankfully a visit doesn't have to break the bank.

Food Quality 5:5 - excellent without being pretentious
Service  5:5 - attentive, remembering Belle's name after a gap of 3 months
Toilets 5:5 - always a good test - Incredibly clean with individual real hand towels!

(I am using a 5 point scale with 5:5 being top marks - and yes I do you the top scale where I think it is justified.)

The is a fixed price menu which offers a three course meal with three choices at each course, all for £15 a head. Then we had wine and coffee and still emerged having spent less than £50. Not bad at all considering the quality of the place. If you have a bit more cash there is always the always the a la carte menu, which offers more choice but the quality remains consistently high.

I was particularly taken with a magnificent chandelier which cascades down the stairwell:

Chandelier in the stairwell at Grants

The secret is out about Grants and you will need to make a reservation of you want a table at the weekends. Its not just the regular punters that are flocking in - the thespian crowd have cottoned on, and there is a fair chance of some serious lovey spotting as the casts often hold their end of run parties here.

The chandelier from below!

If you do go, and you really should, make a point of going up to the 1st floor bar and then go out onto the roof patio. It offers a fine view of the new RSC theatre building.

The RSC from Grants roof patio


Martin said...

Sounds great, Cap'n!

Mind you, it depends on the scale. Out of 6 it's nearly perfect – looks as though there'd be a bonus for artistic merit as well. But if you're scoring out of 10...!

Captain Ahab said...

Its a 5 point scale - I cant fault the place.