Saturday, 10 August 2013

Jam Butty - the bows

Montgomery's bows
August 2013

I make no apology for a flurry of posts on the subject of Montgomery, the small butty which will become our close companion in the years to come.

We want to record her transformation from the cabin of a reproduction josher butty and the front end of a 100 year old BCN day boat. The two elements have been welded together with a new base in the bows and hold so I will run a few posts carrying a set of photos on various elements of the project.

For today lets look at the bows.

A Wand'ring Bark's eye view

Far from the sweeping lines of the stern, the bows are somewhat bluff, the rounded stem post rising near vertically which will make it relatively easy to create a snug fender nest between the two craft.

 The bows, left and right

The curious feature is the rounded stem post. Most day boats have a thinner stem / stern post and I have never seen another which looks like this - any ideas?

Inside the stem post - an original curved profile

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