Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Montgomery - The Cabin

The Cabin
August 2013

The interior of the boatman's cabin was well constructed and there is a lot we can retain. Sure, the stove, chimney, bulls eyes and hatch are all missing - but that's all stuff which can be fixed. All this interior comes as a huge bonus.

From cabin to hold

At 6ft 3in I would find a low boatman's cabin very difficult to live with but that's one of the joys of this project. We can let rip with the traditional cabin knowing is more for show than for everyday use. 

Hold to stern

In the main it will be an office and a store but it will also double us as a spare bedroom for visitors, which will let us convert the saloon in the motor and make it more usable.

Cabin roof

I was surprised at the width - its a good 6ft 6 inches which make it a viable option for us as a temporary bedroom. Most cross beds are simply not long enough for us. 

Anyway, these images record the starting point.

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Elly and Mick said...

Oooohh... isn't she lovely!
Can't wait to see the progress and it's great to hear you'll keep all that wonderful aged decorative paintwork.
nb Parisien Star