Wednesday 14 August 2013

Montgomery - the old steelwork

The Day Boat hull
August 2013

Today I will focus on the 100 year old bows and hold of The Jam Butty.

The reality is that the base plate was beyond salvation so that has been replaced with a a fresh sheet of steel. The sides are the real thing, a century old and in the main 8mm thick (or whatever that is in Imperial measurements).

 The old plating

It hasn't done badly, although there is blistering on the joins under the wide rubbing strakes. This expansion is nothing new as the bulging strakes show lots of evidence of wear from their working days. This corrosion is being repaired by removing bits of the strakes and welding extra plate to the rusted sections and then replacing the strakes to their original position.

 Rust repairs

Of course, the whole thing is studded with rivets and, before you ask, no I havn't counted them - yet!

Distinctive strakes

The strakes are unusual so and suggestions about the origins of the sides would be welcomed.

To blend the old with the modern strakes on the stern are being continued forward into the hold section and the stern will carry some on the BCN day boat strakes to blend the styles and create a unified whole.

The top "rail" is a temporary addition to achieve a straight gunnel.

New strakes carried forward onto the old

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