Friday, 18 October 2013

A Thousand Pardons - book review

A Thousand Pardons
by Jonathan Dee

If you really screw up its generally a good strategy to say sorry - a lesson most of us learned as a child, and most politicians learn after election.

And that is the recurring theme within this book. An unremarkable American couple encounter a cliche'd marital hazard of husband having a fling and getting caught. He leaves, has a breakdown whilst she "finds herself" in a new job in PR and specialising in helping people say sorry for a whole range of misdemeanors.

Within all this there is her daughter caught on the middle, but her character is two dimensional and never really makes it into the plot. Come to think about it its now three weeks singe I read the book and I cant remember the names of the key characters - which says a lot about the book.

What I can remember is that eventually the estranged wife applies her "sorry" technique to her own marriage and they all live happily ever after.

It had enough content to keep me engaged during a recent business trip, but that was where the only alternative entertainment was Turkish TV!

So - a forgettable book and well worth leaving on the shelf.

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