Saturday, 26 October 2013

Victorian and Edwardian Boating - book review

Victorian and Edwardian Boating
by Neil Wigglesworth
October 2013

Another book on loan from Chris Chesher - this time its the story of the rise of boating in the Victorian and Edwardian times using captioned photographs.

Its not particularly canal focussed and spends most of its time looking at the craft used by the masses who flocked to the waterways at this time. 

Cheddleton on the Caldon Canal

I an sure you have seen that classic photo of  Boulters Lock on the Thames, absolutely jam packed with, skiffs, punts and Rob Roy Canoes. Well this book charts the rise on boating as  popular pass time for the masses as opposed to the rich few. It therefore is mostly covering more humble craft and charts what was probably the intensive period of recreational boating the rivers have ever seen.

I am particularly taken with the Rob Roy Canoe with the sail option. I seem to have become too old for my kayak but dont want to lose the ability for some hand propelled journeys from which I can use my camera. I think I feel a plan coming on.....

All fascinating stuff.


seadog said...

Andy.Glad you enjoyed the books.Hope the wedding whent off O.K.Chris

Nick Holt said...

Hey Andy,
If you get anywhere with the 'Rob-Roy-Sail-canoe' combo I'd be fascinated to hear about it. Something like the craft in the photo would make a brilliant addition to any boat...
Best wishes

oldmonsty said...

A plan eh? a gaff rig on 'Jam Butty'?

Captain Ahab said...

Oldmonsty - what a scary thought. We had a long chat this week about the amount of ballast needed and stability - without mast or sail!
Nick - its something I have been toying with for a year or so.