Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Banbury Canal Day

Banbury Canal Day
6th October 2013

Following the success of last years Banbury Canal Day we returned to Castle Quays to participate in this years event.

Considering this is effectively the last outdoor canal event of the season we have been incredibly fortunate with the weather. In the middle of a period of unsettled weather the sun decided to shine, the wind dropped away and just for one day summer has a reprise. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and the crowds responded by flocking into the town dressed in tee shirts and shorts basking in temperatures of over 20C. What a way to bring the season to a close.

Of course, we couldn't make it on the boat so we drove down used one of the market stalls which offer a huge sales area and allowed us to display a wide range of jams, jellies, chutneys, vinegars,  cordials and gift boxes. 

Its was lovely to have so many people seek us out having bought Wild Side products last year and wanting more, especially Rose Petal Jelly which sold out within a few hours. The mix of products, repeat custom and the sheer weight of attendees meant we had a record day and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. 

One new innovation for the event was a handheld card payment device from Paypal which tethers via i-phone and increases out ability to undertake larger transactions. It was fantastic - quick and easy to use and because it is Paypal on it customers are happy to use it. They particularly likes the e-mail or text receipt function which turns the vice of not having a printed receipt into a virtue!

Thank you people of Banbury - a great event and lest hope that the sun shines yet again for the 2014 event.

Now we have a break as we gear up for a certain daughter's wedding after which we start into the pre Christmas craft fairs.


Nick holt said...

Morning Andy,

I took the boys up to Banbury on Sunday morning, what a cracking day! We checked out 'Eilee'n still in the wet dock at Grimsbury wharf, about 1/4 'upstream' of Castle Quay, she's having more painting work done next week... and then we came down to enjoy the Canal Day. We had a great time... I'll be posting a few more photos of the day before the end of the week if time allows. Great to hear you had a record breaking day.
best wishes


Sandra Walsh said...

Sounds marvellous! Maybe we'll join you next year? And I love the Paypal thing - I already use it for my life coaching, though not in the sense you're talking about. Something to investigate for the future!

Good luck with the wedding :-)

See you both soon if the planets align for us all.
Go well