Sunday, 25 May 2014

BCNS Photography Day 2014

Photography Workshop
Titford Pumphouse
May 2014

Ask any photographer what he wants and the answer will inevitably be sunshine and blue skies, and that's exactly want Keith Maslin was praying for as he organised the first BCNS photography day. Sadly it wasn't to be as both he and the BCN Challengers discovered. It rained, and rained, and then intensified to culminate with the mother of all thunderstorms in the evening.

Titford Pumphouse

But undaunted Kev and his happy band of photographic enthusiasts gathered at the Titford Pumphouse, official meeting place for the the BCN Society.

Langley Maltings

There were about 12 of us with a whole range of experience and kit, from semi pro DSLR's through to Compacts but there was something there for all of us. My yardstick for success is to aim to come away with two or three insights which will make a difference in future and I picked these up in the first hour.

1. The depth of field (area of focus) is 1/3rd in front of the point of focus and 2/3rds behind - very important if I ever get a close up of a Kingfisher again.

2. When using the "thirds" rule also consider getting points of interest on the intersections.

Titford Locks

Being based on the interesting Titford arm it was all supposed to be about "getting out there" but our forays out into the big outdoors were hampered by the unremitting rain. Some participants opted for the camera in a poly bag approach but I favoured the snatch it out of the camera case and get it back asap. Either way it didn't make for well considered compositions!!!

Canal Character

The BCN Challenge was underway at the same time and a steady succession of boats came up and down the flight of locks and the particularly well timed arrival of Joanna towing a Joey boat coincided with a 15 minute window when it nearly stopped raining.

Static Object

And so the first BCNS Photographic workshop came to an end at 3.30, ably supported by the Wards who kept us well refreshed with tea, coffee, biscuits and good cheer and of course led by the hugely talented Kev Maslin.

Kev Maslin (not an assignment!)

As with any photography, we were set specific tasks and today's images are my offering.

View framed by a (pipe) bridge

Apart form the weather how could this fail to be a great event. Photography, canals (BCN) and great company - what a fantastic combination. Its a bit like getting your ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed and Composition right all at the same time....

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