Monday, 19 May 2014

The Jam Butty

The First Trip
May 2014

Yesterdays journey didn't really qualify as a proper test as it was all past moored boats so Sunday was its first journey unfettered by its surroundings.

 Montgomery passed her first lock at Autherley

The throttle was open up to the usual cruising revs of 1400 and Montgomery settled into the twin towing straps, most of the propwash sliding under her bows with some creaming away on either side, fanning out in a splayed V of froth. Progress seemed to be scarcely impeded, until we reached the narrows at Chillington. This is a shallow bit and its here that all the thrust is squeezed either side of the butty and progress slows to a crawl.

 She fits!

We also passed the Bywater hotel pair running on a short line, attracting many curious stares and an exclamation the "that has to be the shortest butty I have ever seen". Progress was steady and my initial caution became more laid back eventually moving into a Waynes World period of extravagance:

 Towing - its childs play!

Autherley stop lock represented out first lock - would the calculations be right and would both boats fit in together. The stern was counted down as I watched the bows approach the top gate. In the end there was one foot of clearance with fenders down and elum straight out - Phew!


Barry Teutenberg said...

Well done you two! Butty looks great especially now it's had some paint. Hope nobody was suffering too much from the night before.

Sue said...

You are enjoying yourselves..

It works!!

Looks great, well done

Sarah said...

Well if you can get them both in Autherley stop lock you should be OK pretty much everywhere.