Sunday, 16 November 2014

In search of the lost loops

Waterways World December edition
November 2014

Among my various activities some of you may know that I am an occasional contributor to Waterways World, sometimes supplying articles on request and sometimes offering speculative items on my own initiative.

My main area of specialism will come as no surprise to you - exploring the abandoned canals. I have to admit that I really enjoy this writing, coming up with an idea, laying out a structure and then pulling all the bits together, often drawing data from my old blog posts.

The December 2014 edition includes my latest offering, a four page exploration of the lost loops of the BCN, the sections created by the straightening and realignment of the Old and New Main Lines.

This particular item has been a long while in gestation. I realised I has a credible article way back in February but was missing the Oldbury Loop and the Tat Bank Branch. I wrote the bulk of the content way back last winter but left gaps pending an opportunity to get my boots on and go exploring.

Our lives are very full and it was seven months before these gaps were researched, and the article was ready for submission. These items usually linger in the the editors in box for many months, but on this occasion the proofs were returned inside a week and it was out there on the news stand just ten days later.

If you are interested in the old canals, particularly the BCN get a copy and take a look.

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