Friday, 14 November 2014

New sheeting for Montgomery

New sheeting for Montgomery
November 2014

When we pressed The Jam Butty into service back in May it was unquestionably a hurried affair.

The limited window of time between acquisition and formal launch saw the purchase of a large tarp on the internet which was designed to offer protection from the elements whilst the boat was being painted. With insufficient time or resources to get some proper sheeting the temporary duty tarp was cut and refitted as side sheets and a top sheet.

Side Cloths

This temporary solution worked ok - up to a point. It certainly kept the worst of the rain out but with the side sheets not properly sealed to the gunnels it was always going to leak a bit. With all the rain we have been having this temporary solution (which involved lots of gaffer tape) needed a better remedy. In fact, in the three weeks since I was last able to visit the boats there has been a lot of rain and I discovered that the water was sloshing around up to the floor boards.

The depth hadn't quite reached the level to activate the automatic bilge pump but this sprang into life the moment I stepped aboard and caused it to rock. Needless to say, it was all a bit damp in the hold.

Acing on the advice of Sarah (Chertsey) I contacted Peter Boyce to have some proper sheets made. After a few abortive attempts to meet up for measuring we decided to use my measurements and trust that all would work out well.

Peter has the sheets made in rapid time and they have sat in our garage for the last two weeks waiting for an opportunity to fix them on - and today was the day.

Firsts the old sheets were removed and abandoned.

Then the gunnels were drilled to accept screw which will attach the oak battens.

Ultra adhesive sealant was applied to the gunnels and the side cloths were positioned and then down fixed with the battens. All was screwed down hard and a good seal achieved along the entire length.

Then it was on with the top cloth which was all tied down with strings provided.

The only bit of this job left outstanding is to paint the gunnels, and the exposed bits of sealant black.

The end result should be waterproof and durable but only time and the winter rains will tell.

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