Saturday, 29 November 2014

New Fire project - getting the old one out

New Fire project - Getting the old one out
November 2014

Having completed the front lockers its onto project number two, replacing the solid fuel stove.

As you may recall, we acquired a replacement stove from Joe and Lesley of nb Yarwood back in the summer and since then it has sat in the hold of Montgomery awaiting fitting.

The stove is 12 years old has been struggling of late. In recent years I have had to replace the back flue blanking plate, the window glass, window retainers, door seals and now the flue has broken free of the body of the stove. With the fire bricks crumbling and the throat corroding its time to replace.

Freeing the stove pipe from its collar

I started at the top, drilling out some of the fire cement which was holding the stove pipe on place. With a hole created I ran the jig saw round the old flue pipe and managed to free it from the collar. With the lugs securing the pipe to the stove broken it was simple to lift the pipe up and rest it on a batten over the fire.

Releasing the stove body

Fore some strange reason the stove was not bolted down, which will account for its movement around the hearth over the years, and the broken connection with the stove pipe. However, this did make removal easy as I could just pick it up and carry it outside.

 An empty recess

On removal I had a look at the back and was alarmed to discover rust holes around one of the back boiler blanking plates. This will account for our inability to fully restrict the inflow of air! Looking at the state of it its not really safe and certainly not airtight.

 The rusted back of the stove

Does anyone want any spares to a Valor Arden stove - free if you collect!

Then it was onto the tiled hearth, bashing and smashing with a hammer and chisel to prepare the recess for adjustment (the new stove is slightly wider) and then re tiling. More to follow as the project progresses.

One interesting observation about the relative build quality between the two stoves. I carried the Arden to the car in one hand but lifting the new stove is a two man job.

The deadline for this task is the end of Feb when the boat will be used as accommodation after a friends wedding reception.


Nb Yarwood said...

We look forward to seeing the finished project.
X Lesley and Himself

Andrew Tidy said...

You wont have to wait very long...