Tuesday 3 March 2015

Breaches and building

Breaches and Building
March 2015

Change is a constant factor of the canals in central Birmingham.

Worcester Birmingham Canal stoppage in Birmingham

Currently the start of the Worcester Birmingham canal is a muddy ditch, devoid of water from Worcester Bar to the turn at the Mailbox. This section of the canal is an extended aqueduct over Holiday Street and a disused railway tunnel. The base of the canal has failed flooding the old railway tunnel beneath so coffer dams have been constructed and diesel pumps are roaring away keeping the water at bay till repairs are completed at Easter. This is good news for the canal which celebrates its 200th anniversary this year, but less good for the residents of the nearby swanky flats who will enjoy a diesel drone for the next six weeks.

The base of the canal offers a mouthwatering selection of detritus, rubbish which would delight the most discerning WRG clean up squad!

The new hotel extension to the NIA, Birmingham.

Curiosity satisfied we walked back to Old Turn Junction admiring the gleaming new addition to the NIA as we progressed down Farmers Bridge Locks and back to our car.  With the sun offering some real heat on our faces its good to know that we will soon be boating through these locks rather than slogging our way along the towpath.

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Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

Very unusual for you to have two slips in one post.

The canal is only dewatered towards Worcester Bar and not up to it, as the basin at the end of the Worcester and Birmingham canal is still in water.

It is expected the repairs will be completed before Easter, rather than at Easter - but that could be me nitpicking over your English.