Saturday, 14 March 2015

D Day Looms

D Day Loom
March 2015

Well, the deed is done and the countdown has started.

Contracts on the sale of our house have been signed, exchanged and a completion date set for Friday 20th March - yes, in six days time!

Life is therefore a frantic whirl of packing boxes, bin bags and an overloaded Ford Mondeo. Perhaps the biggest fly in the ointment is all the business stuff which is being split between the storage container, the butty and the longer term removers storage facility. 

We are not sure how long we will have to decamp to the boat for, but the current guess is about a month which takes us close to the start of the 2015 trading season - hence the need to keep the stock accessible.Then there is the plant life which is stirring into life and there is wild garlic to be picked and turned into Wild Garlic Vinegar ready for the Spring Fair at the Bond - our first event of the year.

Its unclear exactly how much time we will be in Calf Heath Marina because we have several weekends away, Helen is away for a couple of extended midweek trips and to cap it all we have the boat out of the water in mid April for a DIY re blacking.

The one bit of sad news is that we wont be appearing the the first episode of Great Canal Journeys on Sunday. Sadly we didn't make the final cut so our moment in the spotlight will have to wait a while!

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