Sunday, 8 March 2015


March 2015

I guess that after living in one house for over 25 years its not surprising that we have accumulated a lot of stuff.

Of course, you don't really notice the accumulation until you decide to move and start to weed out the good stuff from the rubbish. The last few weeks have seen many trips to the local tip and long lines of rubbish bags have adorned the pavement outside our house every Monday night.

But now things have got a whole lot more complicated. At long last the sale of our house has come to fruition and we only have about another 10 days in our Sutton Coldfield home, but the purchase of our new house in Aldridge have fallen behind so we have started to juggle our stuff.

The problem is that we don't know how long we will be in limbo so we are having to prepare for a prolonged period without a home base. Fortunately we have the boats to move onto, so at least we have somewhere warm and comfortable to move into - but there is no way the contents of the house can be fitted into the hold of the butty!

So we have arranged for the core items of our home to be stored by the removal company but this stuff will be completely inaccessible till its unpacked to our new house. But even then the new house does not have a workshop or garage yet so a couple of weeks ago we rented half a shipping container which now holds the contents of our garage and my shed. 

But that's not all. Helen needs to be able to access her Wild Side glassware after we move in to the new house but before we build a workshop, so all that stuff now fills the other end of the container. And then to make things more tricky, the jam trading season may well start before we move in, so all the hundreds of jars of preserve have to be moved to the container, along with all the stall and supporting paraphernalia.

And than, as a final twist there is all the stuff we need to take to the boat with us. including warm and cold weather clothes, suits, entertainment and enough fuel from the log pile to keep us warm. Its a good job we ave a dry hold to put it all in!

So Thursday 19th March will be our last day in the family home and the start of a new chapter of our lives.

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Marilyn McDonald said...

Hi Andrew and Helen, That all sounds eerily familiar - we moved out of our home of 34 years in November with no home purchased to move to tho! Fortunately we had the use of friends' beach house for the month it took to find, buy and settle the new-to-us home we are now in. Shifting from a 5 bedroom, 3 reception room 2 bathroom house to two bedrooms, one bathroom and one reception room has been interesting to say the least. Multiple trips to the charity shops, a garage sale, giving things to friends and rellies - the former and the latter continue to occur as we look at all the things we haven't managed to fit in the house and as we replace curtains and light fittings!
You are right - it is an adventure and one I am sure you will enjoy - with the occasional bout of stress that seems inevitable in moving house.
Cheers, Marilyn (nb Waka Huia)