Friday, 20 September 2019

Heads up for Roving Traders

Heads up for Roving Traders – Changes to CRT representation.
 September 2019

Following the September 2019 CRT National Council meeting it has been decided that the Roving Trader license holders will be included within the Private Boating constituency for the forthcoming National Council elections, which will take place between 20th Jan and 14th Feb 2020, rather than within the Business Boating constituency as previously.

The reasoning behind this change is that from a day to day perspective, the needs of the Roving Traders are considered to be more closely aligned to Private Boaters than those businesses engaged in boat building, boat hire, commercial trip boats and mooring providers. These larger boating businesses will continue to elect two representatives to the National Council.

It has been a privilege to serve as an elected member on CRT’s National Council for the last four years, formally representing all aspects of Business Boating, but in reality offering an informed contribution from the perspective of both Roving Traders and Private Boating, alongside the other the Council members with boating interests.

The formal process for electing representatives to CRT’s National Council will start on 21st October 2019 with a communication to all qualifying license holders inviting applications.

Whilst this is still a few weeks away I would like you to know that I plan to seek re-election for a further period of four years, this time within the Private Boating constituency.

More details to follow.

Please feel free to share this among the various Roving Trader on line groups.

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