Sunday, 27 September 2009

A whole new perspective

A whole new perspective

After much thought and deliberation I have finally got my new camera. This is good news for everyone as hopefully the quality of the photos I post will start to improve.

I decided to go for the new Cannon 500D mainly because it was highly recommended in Which Digital Camera magazine, and it hit all the spots mentioned by my advisers, mainly nb Mr David and the skipper of the good ship Granny Buttons.

Oddly, among the massive number of features it boasts, just one stood out as absolutely crucial to the sort of photography I undertake. This feature is the time taken to get from switching on to the shutter clicking - which is essential for capturing those fleeting moments. I felt a bit like John Wayne as I tested out this aspect on the canal this afternoon. Jeff would spot something, point and I had to be as fast on the draw as possible. The responses of this camera are amazing - the electronics run faster than my index finger.

The photos on this page are a selection of sample shots taken on our way to the Fox and Anchor at Coven. I havn't got beyond the automatic settings yet - but its a start.

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Bill Rodgers said...

Huge mistake buying a camera like that! Now you can't blame the camera. Good luck!