Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The bridges of Salford Quays

The bridges of Salford Quays
February 2010

With a title like this you almost expect to see Meryl Streep making an appearance.

 Swing bridge - like the Barton Swing Aqueduct

Sadly Ms Streep was not inevidence at the time of my visit but there was a very fine selection of contrasting bridges to photograph.

 Dutch style lift bridge
I hope you like my collection.

Vertical lift pedestrian bridge at the Lowry.


Halfie said...

Yes, great photos. Are boats going to be allowed to tie up there, and will the moveable bridges have to be moved to allow narrowboats through? Or is there still a commercial dock for boats coming up the ship canal?

Captain Ahab said...
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Captain Ahab said...

Captain Ahab said...
The movable bridges all look to be in workable condition and whilst there were no boats in the dock when I was there, I dont see any problem with mooring. The hooks certianly wont break!
This water is owned by the Manchester Ship Canal Company who levy a fee to enter and is overseen by their staff.
From Pomona Lock you can venture up the Irwell to the cathedral or down into the docks - but not through any of the MSC locks without special agreement and the payment of a large fee.
MSC can be contacted on 0161 629 8266.
Oh, and the answer is no, the docks are no longer used commercially and are now home to housing and leisure interests.