Sunday, 28 February 2010

Jeff schmooses with the Hollywood set

Jeffs new best friend
February 2010

My links to the rugby film Invictus have kindled Jeff's interest in the sport. He has seen he film twice and has even started to watch the Six Nations competition - bad luck about yesterday when I thought they had it!.

Jeff with Zak Feaunati Feb 2010

Imagine his delight when he discovered that his new found hero, Zak Feaunati, was coming round for a meal.

Normally when we have friends round for a meal Jeff is conspicous by his absence, preferring the company of his Playstation. Not tonight - tonight Jeff announced that "of course I am joining you for dinner - what are we having?" But the attraction wasn't the food, it was the company.

Zak was tipped off about his latest devotee and came armed with Invictus paraphenalia. Jeff tested the original "Lomu" All Blacks shirt for size and examined each if the photo still with great attention, but it was the man he he really wanted to see.

Zak was charming, posing for a photo with Jeff which will no doubt become a treasured posession.

Thanks mate, you are a hero.


English Blogger (Davie B) said...

He looks so happy!!!! Yay I love to see kids happy.

Captain Ahab said...

Its never cool to smile - so I am told!