Monday, 1 March 2010

Sunset strip

Hey, think twice
Feb 2010

The song continues... it's just another day in paradise.

I 'm not sure that a day working on the boat could really be described as paradise, no matter how much I enjoy boating or carpentry.

Having said that, the day did bow out with a sudden hail shower followed by a most spectacular sunset which I just had time to capture before, as Mark Knopfler  described it, "the sun fell off the world".

A completely unedited photo taken from our mooring Feb 2010

The day's efforts were focussed on the wardrobe project which is part of the larger shower room revamp. Of course, to get this extra 1ft of wardrobe involved a whole host of cutting and adjustments involving altering the sizes of two doors and their doorways. In the end it all came together majestically, and without a pre planned measurement in sight. I knew what I wanted to achieve and just moved on from section to section fitting in bits as seemed expedient. Basically by normal MO which employs the most ancient carpenters in the world: "Bodge, Fudge and Fiddle".

My finishing touches put me in mind of a bit of advice from Jon, my best man and sometimes boating partner. He assures me that an essential ingredient in any carpenters toolbox is glue'n'sh*t. Thinking that this could be something like a trade version of Liquid Nails I pressed him for details. He explained that there are always gaps at the end, which are filled with a mix of PVA glue and sawdust / trimmings from the wood worked on. Excellent advice and one I resort to in most projects.

I can't show the finished wardrobe because I can't get an angle on it the the narrow confines of the boat corrridor. However, Jeff's initial verdict was that he was unable to see what had changed - till I showed him all the space I had created.

If I have managed to create a 1ft wide full height wardrobe, and space to store boots, and the end result is invisible, that sounds like a job well done to me.


Halfie said...

Not even a teensy bit cropped? Nice photo though!

Captain Ahab said...

Halfi - Nope,almost unthinkable but straight out of the can.