Thursday, 18 March 2010

Nottingham Canal, Robinettes Arm

Nottingham Canal
Robinettes Arm
March 2010

One final post on this middle section of the Nottingham Canal. Just south of Cossall the half mile Robinettes Arm reaches out to the east, terminating in and drawing water from Oldmoor Wood.

Robinettes Junction

Any canal junction seems to be endowed with a certain air of mystery, exerting a irresistable pull on me to move in and explore what lies beyond. The wide junction drew me into it's enticing jaws, and the obstacle of the lowered bridge carrying Dead Lane wasn't going to stop me.

Dead Lane Bridge, Robinettes Arm

Whilst the towpath wasn't maintained to cycleable standards, it was trimmed back and a pedestrian incursion was prectical given the lack of vegitation. The canal arm winds on, more or less in water, with a steady flow pulling at the weeds which threaten to choke it. This is the primary water supply to the Nottingham Canal, so maintenance is clearly undertaken on a periodic basis.

Robinettes Arm of the Nottingham Canal

It is impossible to press on right to the end, as the towpath narrows and is eventually blocked by a hedge and a field fence. There are maybe 300 yards left at the end before the water gives way to a reedy scrub, and google earth reveals a kidney shaped grassy area which may have been another small basin, or possibly an industrial site.

Robinettes Arm terminus

The arm may be fairly short, but if you are visiting the canal and wan't to get an idea of its full extent,  an excursion up this little backwater is a "must do".

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