Thursday, 25 March 2010

Can I be excused please?

Skip to the loo my darling!
March 2010

Saturday marked the nautical equivalent of a trip to the loo.

With our first big cruise of the season just around the corner, and the BSC inspection due shortly there has been much activity aboard Wand'ring Bark. I have been fixing all those non compliant faults one lives with for the other 207 weeks of the four year inspection cycle, and removing those things which ought not to be near the exhaust or gas tanks.

Gailey Top Lock March 2010

I consulted the BSC guidelines and drew up a rather long short list of jobs to do and was surprised whan all was complete after a couple of hours, including giving the wardrobe a second coat of varnish. What to do with the rest of the day?

The answer lay within the holding tank, which han't been emptied since last August! My efforts at introducing ventilation into the system has been a total success and even after seven months it remains odour free. Ventilation may kill smell but it does nothing to reduce the level contained, which was getting worryingly close to the top.

With no sign of rain a trip to Gailey was called for, and it was great to get out on the water and have a bit of a cruise.

We were pumped out for £12.00 at Viking Afloat (no rinse and no blue) and then we refilled the water tank on the taps opposite before making our way back down a deserted canal to Calf Heath. I made a spectacular bodge of getting the boat back into the marina entrance due to poor positioning and a very strong northerly wind which pushed me completely off track - its a good job none of the guys were watching.

Wand'ring Bark now stands relieved of her overwintered burden and ready for her BSC inspection next weekend. I dont think there is anything much amiss, but we will see.

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