Saturday, 25 September 2010

The curious case of the kettle

 The curious case of the kettle

Belle sometimes makes strange requests of me, and today she asked me to take a photograph of the kettle on Wand'ring Bark. An odd subject I thought, but not an unduly onerous task so I agreed.

I was on WB to do some fettling before this weekend's cruise with Matilda, including some work on the stove window. This came off worst on a clash with an enthusiastically wielded handle by Belle whilst in Gloucester. I took the opportunity to change the glass pane and also to replace the rope seals round the door and generally make adjustments to ensure it remains an air tight unit.

So, I cleaned up the kettle, took it to the bows and duly took the photo as requested.

This kettle came with the boat, and Belle was very taken with it. Perverse though it seems, the kettle played a disproportionate part in her decision to buy the boat. But it seems that Belle wasn't alone in her kettle fetish. On our return voyage, bringing WB (or Piccolo as she was then) back to Gailey we chanced upon her previous owners. It seems that they had been having trouble finding a replacement kettle and were lamenting leaving the old one on the boat. Without actually saying so, they were asking if they could have it back, please.

Given Belle's enthusiasm for the shiny blue kettle I knew she would not be pleased if I gave it away so hung onto it. If I am being completely honest I have never been sure if we bought a boat with a kettle thrown in, or a very expensive kettle with a  boat for free. I know the bill of sale from Whilton Marina refers to a boat but I am not so sure that this is really true!

So, next time you see us out and  about stop for a cup of tea, all heated up in a much loved and highly sought after kettle. 

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belle said...

'A thing of beauty is a joy forever,
Its loveliness increases, it will never
Pass into nothingness;'
What can I say? John Keats knew a thing or two. Though he may not have been referring to kettles. But then he had not met mine, had he??