Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Expendables - film review

The Expendables
Film review
September 2010

Our enforced stay in Gloucester left us with time on our hands and courtesy of the latest dongle technology we were able to see the celluloid options open to us at the nearby multiplex.

It was decided that a 'boys' afternoon was in order so we quickly discarded all the soppy chick flicks. Then out with the cartoons because I have taken a solemn pledge never to watch one again (I make an exception for good CGT), and basically that just left Stallone's The Expendables.

If it's non stop shoot em up action this is the film for you. The pace of the action ripples like Stallone's abs, how does he do it at his age? But whilst the flow is great its at the expense of a decent plotline. Essentially Stallone and mates are Ramboesque mercenaries selling their insane bravery to the highest bidder. They are hired to bring down a south american dictator and Stallone falls under the spell of his 'good guy' daughter. This tiny group then take on the might of the dictator's small army. That's about it really - just about every special effect is used to fill the plotline void and keep you fully engaged for an hour and a half.

Even Jeff came out saying "there was no plot - but wow, its the best film I have ever seen!".

If you like your gunfights loud and big, this is for you. If you want your grey matter stretched or your cultural horizons broadened, give it a miss.

As for me? I got exactly what I paid for. An afternoon of mindless escapism with Stallone at his Rambo best.

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