Friday, 17 September 2010

The girl that kicked the hornets nest - book review

The girl that kicked the hornets nest
By Steig Larsson
September 2010

This is the third book of the Salander / Millennium series, and marks what appears to be the conclusion of the tale.

In fact, having read book three, I would say that whilst the first book stands alone, books two and three (The girl who played with fire and The girl that kicked the hornets nest) are in reality a single story and are best read in quick succession.

The story picks up with Salander in hospital, with a bullet in her brain and the police guarding her door - and Michael Blonquist doing his best to prove her innocence of the crimes she stands accused of.

It turns out that Salander has stumbled into one of Sweden's biggest conspiracies, which goes all the way to the president and includes a Russian defector from the cold war - who must be protected at all costs. It's up to Salander and Blonquist to expose the truth.

The plot is detailed and compelling - every bit as good as the previous two books, taking a detailed look at Salanders history which had remained a mystery to this point. Another cracking read.

Book two is to be released this summer / autumn, spoken in Sweedish with sub titles but a Hollywood version is also planned with a release planned for December 2011.

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