Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Gloucester 2010 - Upton on Severn

Upton on Severn
23rd August 2010

As I mentioned yesterday, Upton on Severn is a lovely little town with one of the few road cossings over the Severn for miles around. This lack of bridges over the Severn brings people to the town, and that means cars - lots of them. If the place has a downside it is the amount of traffic on the A4104 making its way through the narrow High Street.

Her are a selection of images taken around the town:

Old Church tower

Malvern Hills beyond the bridge
A4104 road bridge at Upton on Severn

Panes recovery truck

Ye Olde Anchor Inn and a rather sad White Lion

Wand'ring Bark on the much sought after Upton on Severn pontoon

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